SAAPF Clinic & Novice Contest - Cape Town

The SAAPF will be hosting a clinic and Novice Farrier Contest in Milnerton, Cape Town on the 7th March 2015.  The clinic will focus on Shoe Modifications and we are pleased to announce that our judges and clinicians for this event are Scott Borland ASF and Robbie Miller ASF. 

Specs for Novice Contest - 1 x Front 3/4 fullered with toe clip and 1 x Hind 3/4 fullered with 1/4 clips

Stock will be cut

Enquiries - Robbie Miller (083 2783496)

Closing Date for entries - 27th February 2015

Cost per candidate - R350 (including a light lunch)

FITS South Africa Examinations & Farrier Competition 2015

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the 2015 FITS South Africa Examinations and Farrier competition in Mooi River, KwaZulu Natal from the 31st July through to the 2nd August 2015.  Our International examiner and clinician will be Mr Bob Sim (ASF DipWCF) and he will be joined by Mr Sean Eggersglusz (ASF).  This will be a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable knowledge for both candidates and spectators alike.  Please mark these dates in your diaries.

Further details including the specifications for the farrier competition will be uploaded shortly.

Forge Day 6th September

Sean Eggersglusz will be hosting a forge day on the 6th September in Kaapsehoop, near Nelspruit, Mpumalanga in conjuction with their annual Wild Horse Festival.  This will be a great opportunity to showcase our profession.  The plan for the day is to do a practical forging session, firstly to demonstrate to those wishing to do their FITS exams in October how to forge their shoes for their shoe board.  Secondly, there will also be a demonstration on some of the shoes that will be forged at the contest to be held in Cape Town in October.

November FITS Exams South Africa

We will be hosting our next South African FITS Exams and Farrier Competition in Milnerton, Cape Town from the 31st October through to the 2nd November 2014.  The examiners will be Dusty Franklin CJF ASF, Sean Eggersglusz ASF and Dr Alasdair Cameron.  Please go to the following website ( to obtain details on the modules and costs for the examinations.  Download the details of the specifications for the Farrier Competition to be held over the same weekend.

Joining the SAAPF

Inclusivity, affordability and transparency.

As an association the SAAPF welcomes all farriers representing all breeds and all levels of hoof care to participate. The association is open to all full or part time farriers as well as veterinarians.

Given the current economic climate it is the objective of the association to provide affordable means of education by means of clinics, demonstrations and possibly videos.

SAAPF Benefits

Benefit to the Industry.

  • Recognition and appreciation.
  • A valuable resource providing information combined with experience for the equine industry as a whole.
  • SAAPF will be a knowledge base for the equine industry by providing other associations with assistance wherever and whenever possible.
  • Build well balanced and steadfast relationships with like minded equine associations.