Goals of SAAPF

Goals of the association.

  • Improve the foundation and knowledge for both beginning and experienced farriers.
  • Encourage and promote continued education . Provide support system of information, experience and contacts.
  • Ultimately improve the care and service provided to all horses.
  • Support and recognise farriers as experienced and educated professionals.
  • Establish a respected Accreditation and Endorsement platform to publicly illustrate the dedication and commitment to the profession including specialty areas.
  • Provide the education and support tools for continued and improved success.
  • Promote working relationships with fellow farriers, veterinarians, suppliers and horse owners.
  • Platform for owners to identify dedicated and educated farriers.
  • Reassurance for owners that in order to obtain and maintain these titles their farrier is up to date on research, techniques and products.
  • Give owners confidence that their farrier has professionals with experience and advice as a resource to hand.