SAAPF KZN Competition - Jeremiah Harris CV




Jeremiah’s passion for animals began at the earliest of ages. He and his brother would spend countless hours in the Sonoran desert finding and catching wild creatures. His love for horses began when the family got their first horse when he was twelve. Like many, he was mesmerized while watching the farrier care for the horse’s hooves. He was hooked from that moment. He began riding along with the farrier at every opportunity. It quickly formed into an apprenticeship, which lasted until Jeremiah turned eighteen. He continued his farrier education by seeking out well-respected farriers around the world. He quickly passed through the levels of certification offered by the American Farriers Association, acquiring his Certified Journeyman Farrier and Therapeutic Endorsement. 

Jeremiah actively competes in the World Championship Blacksmiths competitions. He travels the United States to develop and hone new skills as he competes against other top farriers from all over the country. In 2010, he was in the top ten in the overall year-end standings in the WCB. In September of 2010 He had the privilege to be part of a small farrier team, which cared for the dressage horses at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Two years later, Jeremiah joined an honored group of farriers who have passed the rigorous Associates exam administered by the Worshipful Company of Farriers from England. He also continues to test his skills through peer review most recently by passing the Farrier International Testing System or F.I.T.S.

Jeremiah currently resides in Cave Creek, Arizona and serves on the board of directors for the American Farriers Association as a regional representative of the western U.S. There, he maintains a farriery business consisting of many breeds and disciplines. He also does extensive work on lameness cases as well as consulting and lecturing around the country. He was recently asked to teach the farrier science course at the new veterinary college Midwestern university in Arizona. Jeremiah’s passion continues to be horses and all things farriery. He strives for the best hoof care possible for all horses, and strongly promotes his belief that farriery is a lifelong pursuit of the knowledge and skill required to care for these magnificent animals.


Jeremiah Harris CJF, TE, AWCF, ASF